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Healthy Vending

Gatorade-at-Gator-VendingGood for you snacks and beverages.

It’s now convenient to eat and drink healthy.

Gator Vending is committed to providing our clients and customers with wholesome product options and information to help them make informed food and beverage choices and lead a healthier lifestyle on the go.

FitPick® is a healthy vending labeling program, to help consumers identify products that meet recognized nutrition guidelines.

boathouse-farms-vendingNew FitPick® Nutrition Standards Per Package FitPick®

CALORIES | 250 or less
FAT | 10g or less
SATURATED FAT | 3g or less
SUGAR | 20g or less
SODIUM | 230mg or less

Gator Vending offers Healthy Drinks including many Unsweetened still and sparkling, flavored and unflavored waters, non-carbonated juices such as orange, apple, pineapple, mango and coconut as well as Vitamin Water, Honest Tea’s, reduced calorie Gatorades and many more.


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